the Dyna tipper newly by a diesel engine truck.

An N04C-A type (4.0L) made in Hino, an S05D-D type (4.9L), a J05D-TB type (4.7L turbo) are equipped with about a diesel engine of the Dyna newly by a diesel engine. Specifications (N04C-TB type, N04C-TD type, N04C-TA type) and laying upon, all diesel engine car cars added in 2003 in this way achieve "a 2000 standard particulate matter 85% reduction level". In addition, I add the sixth speed AT made in AISIN SEIKI Co., Ltd. to a car mounted with an N04C-TB type and N04C-TD type engine and add belonging to deck to a hybrid car. In addition, I improve the wear resistance of turning characteristics and the tire because the 4WD car was able to let you drive screw refuse type 4WD four depending on road-surface condition by having adopted it when it is necessary. In addition, I improved ride comfort by the independent suspension adoption of the front suspension, and an approximately 90mm low floor made carrier floor it. In TECS, I expanded the equipment for each special equipment car in addition to the minor change of the base car.
Furthermore, I put a 2KD-FTV type of 2.5L on a diesel car newly. Furthermore, driver's seat SRS air bag was shipped with to all cars, and the seat epidermis was changed except some types, too. In addition, in TECS, I received about the same improvement with minor changed 2t product system ... 4t product system earlier.

About Toyota's Used Truck, The Dyna